An expensive zoo deck list

2x soulfire
2x young priestess
2x abusive sergeant
2x flame imp
2x voidwalker
2x argent squire
2x dire wolf alpha
2x amani berserker
2x knife juggler
Lorewalker Cho
King Mukla 
2x harvest golem
1x shattered sun cleric
1x big game hunter (sub -> second SSC)
2x scarlet crusader
2x defender of argus
2x doomguard

How to play:

  • Mulligan for one drops against everyone.
  • Soulfire against warlocks and other aggro.  
  • Cho vs. druids and miracle.

Your goal is to get to board control by any means necessary and try to vomit out everything in your hand by turn 4 or 5. Most zoos die to AOE when you do this, but this one packs a ton of divine shields and enrage and is extremely resilient so it keeps control. Minion play order depends on the board but try to put out things on curve and try to prioritize board control (so if he puts out a leper gnome turn 1, put down a squire on your turn over a voidwalker; if you have a choice of minion on turn 2 between berserker and knife juggler and can buff attack at all, you probably want the berserker.) If your hand only has a soulfire in it on turn 5 and his board is empty, fire it off at his face since you will now be drawing multiple cards a turn -> into doomguards. Do this until he runs out of board and life or you run out of board, the end.

I’m always too lazy to get to legend, but all the netdecks have no idea of how to play against Cho and never expect Mukla (who is awesome when you have control because he always takes a full turn plus to get rid of) or a BGH (which is basically called “murder handlock” in this deck) so getting to rank 5 is trivial.